These tutorials, which are co-organised with the University of Food Technologies (UFT), as represented by its Vice-Rector, Prof. DSc Nikolay Menkov, will take place on Friday, 6 September 2019, and will be held in the UFT computer labs (see location).

Introduction to Inductive Logic Programming.
Francesca A. Lisi, University of Bari.
This tutorial is intended to provide the nuts and bolts of ILP to PhD students and young researchers with basic knowledge of First Order Logic. After this tutorial the attendants will be able to distinguish between the two main classes of rule induction problems faced in ILP, to choose and combine the techniques studied in ILP for solving these problems, and to design an experimental session with ILP algorithms.

ILP Tools for Learning in Description Logic (DL-Learner, CONNER).
Eyad Algahtani and Dimitar Kazakov, University of York.
This tutorial will introduce some of the most common types of Description Logic used with ILP tools, then show how to encode a learning problem in this notation, and use an ILP learner to find the corresponding model. A well-established ILP learner in DL, DL-Learner, will be demonstrated, followed by an introduction to the use of CONNER – a novel, concurrent learner making use of GPUs to speed up computation.